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Carmella and Vega start with a basic lockup. Zelina mocks Mella’s dance moves, so The Princess of Staten Island hits her with a dropkick. Vega uses the ropes to apply pressure during a headscissor, but she is forced to break at four. Truth and Almas come in off the tag and Truth hits a beautiful hurricanrana. Andrade and Vega pose on the apron and Truth responds by doing a pose with Carmella. They do a few dance moves before the break.

We return to see Truth fighting out of an armbar. Almas nails him with a big chop to the chest, but Truth is able to hit a heel kick right after. The women tag in and Carmella takes control with a flurry of quick offensive maneuvers. She hits a flatliner for a close two count, but Almas is there in time to break up the pin. Mella gets in his face and tries to superkick him. He catches her feet before Truth takes him out with a clothesline over the top rope. Vega ends up tapping out to the Code of Silence to give The Fabulous Truth the win.

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